Translational Science 2023 Poster Presentation Resource Guide

Poster Arrangement and Content Guidelines

Recommended Poster Size

Using the software of your choice (many people design in Microsoft PowerPoint), create a poster that is no larger than 45 inches wide by 45 inches high. Smaller sizing is permissible. Each poster board will be shared with two posters appearing on EACH side.

We are planning to have corkboards with a surface area of approximately 45 inches (about 114 centimeters) high and 45 inches (about 114 cm) wide. The upper left corner of the corkboard will have your Poster ID number. Please do not remove the number ID card.


Poster text may be printed directly onto white paper or on thin, lightweight colored poster paper or cardboard. A lightweight paper or fabric background may be used to give text on white paper visual appeal and contrast. Do not use heavy board or foam core, as these materials may be difficult to keep in position on the corkboard; push pins can support only modest weight and thicknesses. ACTS is not collecting electronic copies of your poster. Please plan to print and display all materials on-site.

Instructions for the Day of Your Presentation

Please note, Translational Science 2023 will be 100% in person and your attendance is required at the Washington Hilton in Washington, DC to present your poster in person. 

Presentation Schedule

All even numbered posters are scheduled to present on Tuesday, April 18 from 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM, and odd numbered posters are scheduled at the same time on Wednesday, April 19. During the Poster Reception, you must hang your poster in the Poster Hall and stand nearby to talk with attendees about your research and findings. This is not a formal presentation at the podium but a more casual conversation as attendees move throughout the Poster Hall.

Poster Number Assignments

Click here to reference your poster number (sorted by presenting author’s first name). This information will also be available in the Translational Science 2023 mobile app (coming soon).

Setup and Takedown

At least one hour prior to the time of your poster session, locate the corkboard with your Poster ID Card on it and mount your materials. Designated time prior to the poster session may be available for poster setup.  Thumb tacks will be provided.

Please remove your materials promptly at the conclusion of your session. Ensure that you clean out your poster area. Any posters left behind will be discarded.

If you are scheduled to present two posters on the same day, we suggest you place a sign on the second poster saying where you will be present in the hall (specific poster number).

Materials to Bring With You:

• Poster pieces (individual sections or one large poster)

• Duplicate copy of poster (just in case)

• Handouts (if applicable)

• Business cards


Should you have any questions leading up to TS23, please do not hesitate to contact Simone Wolynski at We look forward to seeing you April 18-20 in Washington, DC.


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