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Special Interest Groups

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ACTS offers its members the opportunity to participate in Special Interest Groups (SIGs) related to the field of clinical research and translational science. SIGs connect individuals who share similar goals and interests, providing a channel to network and participate in knowledge and resource sharing among peers.

Participation is voluntary, and there are no associated costs.

All of the ACTS SIGs are hosted in the ACTS Online Community. To join a SIG, launch the community page for the SIG in question and select the ‘Join’ button. Alternatively, you can view all SIGs in the ACTS Online Community under ‘All Groups’ and select the ‘Join’ button from there.

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Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Design (BERD)

The BERD SIG provides a forum for the exchange of information on current approaches to the integration of biostatistics, epidemiology, and research design into clinical and translational science research programs. 

This encompasses integration in both the practice of research as well as in training and education. It also serves as a resource for connecting the biostatistics, epidemiology and research methods community to the broader spectrum of clinical and translational scientists (e.g. trainees, CTSA principal investigators, and clinical research coordinators) through activities such as the development and maintenance of professional networks and online materials. 

Chair: Jareen Meinzen-Derr

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Clinical Research Professional Taskforce (CRPT)

The Clinical Research Professional Taskforce (CRPT) provides an ongoing forum for deliberate and meaningful discussions around the multifaceted, expanding role of clinical research professionals and highlights issues surrounding their support and training. The group also considers, develops, and presents data. Recent efforts have involved bringing together national experts to discuss emergent issues in hiring, on-boarding and managing and supporting career growth of clinical research professionals.

Chairs: Michelle Jenkerson and Tony Keyes

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The Evaluation SIG examines the role that evaluation plays in organizations that are pursuing the changes necessary to advance clinical and translational science. 

Participants share their perspective on how evaluation can contribute to accountability, transparency, informed decision making, communication about outcomes, and ultimately, the value of substantial investment in clinical and translational science.

Chairs: Boris Volkov and Joe Hunt

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The Informatics Special Interest Group is a forum for the cross-institutional exchange of information on current approaches to the integration of informatics into clinical and translational science research programs. It also promotes best practices of integrating modern informatics methods in translational science journals and forums, specifically the Journal of Clinical and Translational Science (JCTS) journals thereby increasing the scalability and rigor of translational science, its trainees and investigators.

Chair: Chunhua Weng

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Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI)

The Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) SIG serves as a community for ACTS members with active interests in working to improve JEDI in Clinical and Translational Science. Because we believe a diverse research workforce is essential to improving health equity, our work includes twin foci on workforce JEDI and health equity research.

Chair: Leigh Johnson

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Partners for the Advancement of Community Engaged Research (PACER)

The PACER SIG brings together community and academic researchers to explore topics and issues important to building community-academic research partnerships and improving public health through research. 

Meetings provide dissemination opportunities about community engaged research, metrics and evaluation, as well as a foundation for networking and collaboration among individuals and groups variously engaged in clinical and translational research.

Chairs: Linda Cottler and Mickey Eder

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Research Operations and Administration (ROA)

The Research Operations and Administration SIG provides a venue for networking, idea sharing, problem solving and building partnerships among administrators.

Chair: Maija Neville-Williams

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The Scholar SIG provides trainees and other early-career scholars with experiences and opportunities to advance their careers in academia, industry, government, and/or entrepreneurship in the fields of clinical and translational science. 

Chair: Adriana Morales Gomez

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Team Science Professionals (TSP)

The primary goal of the ACTS Team Science Professionals SIG is to advance the practice of translational team science by developing a career pathway for team science professionals—both educators and scholars. By training the next generation of Team Science experts, we anticipate our SIG will provide key insights into the barriers and facilitators of effective team science, enhancing the performance of translational teams and, ultimately, the practice of translational science itself.

Chairs: Allan Brasier and Patrick William Kelly


Training Research Education Administrators in Translational Science (TREATS)

The Training Research Education Administrators in Translational Science SIG provides an opportunity for non-faculty education and career development administrators to share best practices and mentorship. It focuses on topics that are relevant to education administrators, such as evaluation, mentoring, and innovation in training programs.

Chairs: My Linh Nguyen-Novotny and Jessica Meyer

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Regulatory Science

The Regulatory Science SIG is currently inactive. Please contact info@actscience.org with any questions. 


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