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Standing Committee members volunteer within the organization by joining the Awards Committee, Coalition for Clinical and Translational Science Committee, Education, Training and Career Development Committee, Finance Committee, Nominating Committee, Program Committee for Translational Science, and Publications Committee.

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Awards Committee

Serves as an advisory committee to the Board of Directors on matters pertaining to ACTS Awards presented at the Translational Science annual meeting.

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  • Donald McClain, MD, PhD (Chair)
  • Elba Caraballo, MA, MSW, PhD
  • Gayathri Devi, PhD
  • Gabrielle Gold-von Simson, MD
  • Sean Mooney, PhD
  • Maureen Murtaugh, PhD

Coalition for Clinical and Translational Science 

Promotes clinical research and translational science to individuals and groups outside the organization that influence policy or funding impacting the profession, other organizations who share common interests, and individuals and groups that may directly benefit from ACTS’ actions.

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  • Harry Selker, MD (Chair)
  • Daniel Ernest Ford, MD, MPH
  • Harry B. Greenberg, MD
  • Rebecca Jackson, MD
  • Robert P. Kimberly, MD
  • Christopher John Lindsell, PhD
  • Emma Meagher, MD
  • Frederick J. Meyers, MD, MACP
  • Herbert Pardes, MD
  • Harry Shamoon, MD

Education, Training and Career Development Committee

Focuses on fostering educational research, improving training for translational research careers, sharing methods for effective evaluation of education programs, facilitating the development and implementation of effective mentoring programs, and coordinating with organizations external to ACTS in areas where there are shared interests.

>> Meet the Committee

  • Cecilia Patino-Sutton, MD, MeD, PhD (Chair)
  • Martina Clarke, PhD
  • Janice Gabrilove, MD
  • Gaetano Lotrecchiano, EdD, PhD
  • Maureen Murtaugh, PhD
  • Marie Norman, PhD
  • Adrian Preda, MD
  • Helen Yin, PhD

Finance Committee

Evaluates the financial status of ACTS and provides recommendations to the Association’s Board of Directors on financial matters.

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  • Julian Solway, MD (Chair)
  • Christopher John Lindsell, PhD
  • Karen Martinez-Gonzalez, MD, MSc

Nominating Committee

Manages the nominations process for the selection of the Association's Board of Directors.

>> Meet the Committee

  • Frederick J. Meyers, MD, MACP (Chair)
  • Rebecca Jackson, MD
  • Philip Kern, MD
  • Cynthia D. Morris, PhD, MPH
  • Doris Rubio, PhD

Translational Science Program Committee

Consists of members from ACTS, CR Forum, AAMC and AFMR that aims to create a diverse education program for the annual meeting.

>> Meet the Committee

  • Felicity Enders, PhD, MPH (Chair)
  • Additional committee members coming soon!

Publications Committee

Improves the quality and content of the Journal of Clinical and Translational Science (JCTS), published through Cambridge University Press.

>> Meet the Committee

  • Barry Coller, MD (Chair)
  • Emma Meagher, MD