Terms & Conditions

Translational Science 2022 Terms & Conditions

  1. By registering for the Translational Science event, you agree to abide by the existing Terms of Service and Privacy Policy instituted by ACTS. Additionally, you agree to the following event-specific terms
    1. Response to COVID-19
      1. Vaccination against COVID-19 is required to attend Translational Science 2022. Attendees will have to certify they are fully vaccinated at time of registration. “Full vaccination” means it has been at least 14 days since receiving the second dose of a FDA authorized two-dose vaccine or it has been at least 14 days after receiving a FDA authorized single-dose vaccine. ACTS' policies in response to COVID-19 are subject to change as national and local health and safety guidelines are updated leading up to Translational Science 2022.

    2. Cancellation and Substitution Policy
      1. CANCELLATION BY ACTS: If for any reason beyond ACTS’ control ACTS determines that the event must be cancelled, shortened, delayed, dates changed, or otherwise altered or changed, participant understands that any registration fees paid for the in-person event will be automatically transferred to the virtual experience. Participant also understands and agrees that ACTS shall refund the difference of the registration fees paid from in-person to virtual. Participants understand that it may lose all monies it has paid to attend the conference for expenses it has incurred, including travel, lodging, etc.
      2. CANCELLATION BY INDIVIDUAL: If you are registered to attend the in-person conference and can no longer attend, please submit your request in writing to info@actscience.org. Cancellations received on or before Friday, March 4, 2022, will receive a full refund less a $100 processing fee. After Friday, March 4, no partial or full refunds will be granted for cancellation or failure to attend the meeting. Registrations may, however, be transferred to another employee/member at your facility. Transfer requests must be made in writing and sent to info@actscience.org for approval by Monday, March 28, 2022. 
    3. Liability Waiver & Release
      1. In consideration of being allowed to register for, and participate in Translational Science, you hereby warrant and represent that you are age 18 or above and freely waive, release from liability, assume all risks, and covenant not to sue ACTS or its members, employees, board members, agents, or volunteers for any expense, loss, damage, personal injury, including loss of life, illness, disability, property damage, or property theft or actions of any kind that you may hereafter suffer or sustain before, during, or after the event, unless said expense, loss, damage, personal injury, including loss of life, illness, disability, property damage or property theft or actions of any kind is caused by the sole, gross negligence of ACTS. You must be age 21 or older to attend social events where alcohol is served unless a parent is present. This Liability Waiver & Release is specifically binding upon your heirs and assigns and is knowingly given.
    4. Photography/Video
      1. On occasion you may be photographed, video-taped, audio-taped, or have screenshots taken in connection with ACTS events and activities. As a participant of Translational Science, you agree that ACTS is the sole owner of all rights in and to the resulting photographs, video footage and recordings, for all purposes related to ACTS’ business (both now and in the future). Your name and likeness may be used by ACTS in advertising and promotional materials. Participants shall receive no compensation or royalties for appearance in any materials.
    5. Data Privacy
      1. As part of your registration to Translational Science, ACTS will share the data you provide with third party vendors in order to process your registration, to make you aware of goods and services you may be interested in, to perform analytics on behalf of ACTS, in connection with Translational Science, and for such other purposes as ACTS may approve from time to time. Your virtual registration may include technology that monitors your activities throughout the meeting, such as session attendance and virtual booths visited.