The purpose of the Association for Clinical and Translational Science (ACTS) can be broken up into four realms. These four areas of focus are research, education, advocacy, and mentoring.


ACTS supports investigations that continually improve team science, integrating multiple disciplines across the full translational science spectrum: from population based and policy research, through patient oriented and human subject clinical research, to basic discovery. Our goal is to improve the efficiency with which health needs inform research and new therapies reach the public.


ACTS is the academic home for the disciplines of research education, training, and career development for the full spectrum of translational scientists. Through meetings, publications, and collaborative efforts, ACTS will provide a forum for members to develop, implement, and evaluate the impact of research education programs.


ACTS provides a strong voice to advocate for translational science, clinical research, patient oriented research, and research education support. We will engage at the local, state, and federal levels and coordinate efforts with other professional organizations.


ACTS will promote investigations and dissemination of effective models for mentoring future generations of translational scientists. Through collaborative efforts, ACTS will provide a forum for members to share studies, promote best practices, and optimize professional relationships among trainees and mentors.