ACTS Committees and Responsibilities

Program Committee Chair for Translational Science 2018


Scott Steele, PhD, Committee Chair

A standing committee to plan the content and program for Translational Science 2018. Consisting of members from ACTS, CR Forum, AAMC, and AFMR, this committee aims to provide a diverse content base for Translational Science 2018.

Coalition for Clinical and Translational Science

Harry Selker, MD

Harry Selker, MD, Committee Chair

A standing committee on advocacy to promote translational science, clinical research and training to individuals and groups external to the organization that influence policy or funding decisions impacting the profession, organizations who share interests with ACTS, and individuals and groups that may be benefited through the actions of ACTS.  

Education, Training, and Career Development Committee


Janice Gabrilove, MD FACP

A standing committee on education, training and career development. This committee shall be responsible for promoting the academic disciplines of research education, fostering educational research focused on improving training for translational research careers, sharing methods for effective evaluation of education programs, facilitating the development and implementation of effective mentoring programs, and coordinating with organizations external to ACTS in areas where there are shared interests.

Finance Committee


David Center, MD, Committee Chair

The Finance committee will evaluate financial status of ACTS, including annual budgets and budget updates, annual audit and IRS 990 filings, and provide recommendations to the Board on financial matters. Membership will be solicited from members at large in good standing with financial experience and expertise within their home institutions. 

Membership Committee


Satish Raj, MD MSCI

A standing committee on membership development. The committee shall engage in activities designed to attract and retain members of the organization. The committee advises the Board on membership policies and oversees the timeline and programs for the recruitment and retention of members. 

Nominating Committee


Emma Meagher, MD, Committee Chair

A standing committee on that focuses on the nominations process for the Board of Directors.

Publications Committee

Arthur Feldman, MD

Barry Coller, MD, Committee Chair

A standing committee to improve the quality and content of the Journal of Clinical and Translational Science, published through Cambridge University Press.