Individual Career Development Plans for Clinical and Translational Trainees: Platforms, Implementation, and Evaluation

Track: Education

Session Number: 1023
Date: Fri, Apr 21st, 2017
Time: 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM


Individual Development Plans (IDPs) are tools used to guide career development across diverse disciplines and recommended by NIH for all federally funded training programs. The IDP process involves defining career development goals that will be achieved within a pre-specified timeline and using the IDP to help mentors and mentees monitor and evaluate career progression and additionally to identify drivers and roadblocks for progression. In this session we will describe examples of how IDPs are implemented within the CTSA Training Programs and propose a framework to evaluate their effectiveness as a career development tool. We will the use an open session forum discussion to help this field move forward with the overall goal of improving processes used to advance careers of clinical and translational researchers.
Session Type: Panel Discussion

Discipline: None
Session Type: Panel Discussion

Discipline: None


Speaker 1
Janice Lynn Gabrilove, MD, FACP
Professor and Director
Mount Sinai School Of Medicine
Speaker 2
Jason Ezra Hawkes, MD
Instructor in Clinical Investigation
Rockefeller University
Speaker 3
Cecilia Maria Patino Sutton, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor
University of Southern California