Recognizing Data Reproducibility as Critical for Translational Science

Track: Translational Science, Policy and Health Outcomes Science

Session Number: 1012
Date: Thu, Apr 20th, 2017
Time: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM


Research funding agencies, industry and academic institutions have placed increased attention to the issue of ensuring research methods and results are reproducible. Irreproducible data poses a danger to the fundamental mission and promise of translational science, and data reproducibility should be considered as integral to the translational research process. This session will present approaches, tools and best practices to integrate data reproducibility and rigor into translational research programs. Additionally, key federal policies and initiatives impacting data quality and rigor will be discussed.
Session Type: Panel Discussion

Discipline: None
Session Type: Panel Discussion

Discipline: None


Scott Steele, PhD
Associate Professor, Public Health Sciences
University of Rochester Medical Center
Speaker 1
Michael Liebman, PhD
Managing Director
IPQ Analytics
Speaker 2
Patricia Valdez, PhD
Extramural Research Integrity Officer
National Institutes of Health
Speaker 3
Rebecca Lynn Davies, PhD
University of Minnesota CTSI